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New gear and customs at UN Company

by Arnie

UN Company have some new specials and gear in stock:

New Items at UN

For this week we have searched for a lot of new items at our shop. I will introduce them as follows:

image 1) UN Custom-SIG SG556 (Dark Earth)

i. It is of Marui SIG552 SEALS based
ii. It is installed with GWS SG556 Conversion Kit (Dark Earth), KM (407mm) TN inner barrel
iii. There is an Intellect-1600mAh-9.6V-AK Stick Type Battery
iv. The Power is Upgraded to 350FPS
v. There is a KingArms M4 300 Rounds Magazine
vi. For this it only costs US$ 890

image 2) UN Custom-SpringField M1911 (Full Metal/Wood Grip)

i. It is of Marui Colt Government M1911 based
ii. It is intalled with PGC SpringField Slide, Frame Set & Outer Barrel Set (BK)
iii. It is installed with Shooter Design SpringField Wood Grip, Hi-Flow Valve, Strengthened Recoil Spring & Hammer Spring.
iv. For this it only cost US$ 438

image 3) Saber 120 Rds PTW Plastic Magazine Box Set

i. The Material is made of Plastic
ii. The Capacity is 120 Rounds
iii. There is 5 Pieces in Package
iv. It is for Systema M16/M4 PTW Series only
v. For this it only costs US$ 61

image 4) Mil Force Double Deck Range HandBag (MF-RH-16)

i. The Color is Black
ii. The Dimensions is (L) 20cm X (W) 36cm
iii. The Material is 600D Nylon
iv. It is designed to carry duty or personal protection without attracting attention
v. There is Carry Handles and Shoulder Strap
vi. It includes 2 double magazine pouches, 3 utility pouches for compass/first aid (both sides) 1 closed cell foam padded zipper pistol pouch and 2 pistols side by side
vii. For this it only costs US$ 32

For more information please kindly check out our web site at http://www.uncompany.com

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