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Arena Industries at Tactical kit

by Arnie

Tactical Kit have goggles in stock from Arena:

The latest Arena goggles are now available at www.tactical-Kit.co.uk

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Arena Industries – Army Eye Protection System

imageArena Industries have developed a ballistic eye-protection system which includes features that address the primary complaints of tactical goggles; fogging, comfort and moisture leaking onto the inside of the lens. All of these issues have made tactical ballistic goggles optically ineffective and uncomfortable to wear.

Our protective eyewear has moved the industry forward by introducing patented features that are not and cannot be challenged by any other manufacturer. With our aggressive pricing and our superior features, no-one in the ballistic eyewear arena can compete with the value we offer. These features, value and improvements include the following.

The true passive anti-fogging system sees a patented razorback design air flow system allow for air to flow over the goggle lens preventing the lens from fogging. We use electro-static materials in this system to repel dust and debris from entering the airflow system.

Our hinged buckle allows for goggle placement at any angle on either the soldier’s helmet or head. The hinge is much more durable and versatile than the snap on hinges other manufacturers offer.

Moisture wicking foam and fabric keep moisture from dripping onto the inside of the lens and distorting vision. Hot weather conditions combined with strenuous activities cause sweat. Our foam and wicking material is a significant improvement over the bare plastic goggle frame.


All Arena Industries military products utilise both clear and grey military standard lens tints.

All our goggles meet the following safety standards:

  • Z87.1-2003, the most up-to-date industry standard for safety-related eyewear
  • Z80.3-2001, the industry standard for UVA and UVB protection for eyewear MIL-STD-662F and the new MCEP standard
  • Type 2 fragment simulation projectile

Kind Regards, Ian, (Tactical Kit)

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