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Raider Magazine reviews S-Thunder’s Milsim training gear

by News Fairy

S-Thunder’s Milsim training gear has been reviewed in military publication Raider Magazien:

Raider Magazine (www.raider-mag.com), the fastest growing MILITARY PUBLICATION in the UK, has published an article regarding S-Thunder’s milsim gear including S-Thunder’s M4 style paintball markers and land mines from the prospective of PROFESSIONAL MILITARY TRAINING REQUIREMENTS! 


Raider Magazine notes "…they have fulfilled their aims to an impeccable standard; the SPMs are excellently put together and will work perfectly for ‘FORCE ON FORCE" training.  Whilst ‘land mines and IEDs’ are not something that any sane person employs they are a sad fact of currently military life and any training tool that heightens awareness can only be a good things; those from S-Thunder allow for a safe and easily controlled training environment.  If you are involved in any kind of training scenarios then I can old recommend the tools provided by S-Thunder…"

S-Thunder’s Director of Business Development, Mr Yu-Hon Li notes that "…our team at S-Thunder has been making inroads in police, tactical and military training needs.  Our gear is not only being used by recreational airsoft and paintball users, but our gear is being considered for use in the military for both infantry as well as land mine removal training.  We are pleased that our products can be used to help train military personnel, but also and more importantly, help save lives for those in fields of battle.".

The S-Thunder TEAM (S-Thunder)

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