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Short film, Gazpahcho! needs gun & armourer

by News Fairy

Andrew is searching for a some help with a film he is making this May near Buckingham:

Short Film, Gazpacho!, Needs Gun and Armourer

Shooting in the latter part of May, Gazpacho!, is a dark drama which chronicles a young girl methodically dealing with the abuse she’s suffered and deciding on a tragic course of action. The no-budget production is in need of help in the form of a realistic pistol and an armourer to give advice on handling and use. The weapon is not seen being used and appears for only a few minutes, yet its presence is pivotal to the conclusion of the story.

Shooting takes place near Buckingham in the latter part of May and should be completed in one day. Being a no-budget film, reasonable expenses only are being offered, along with a credit in the film and a copy of the final edit on DVD. And the opportunity to work with some enthusiastic guys with cameras. The shoot will be catered, so food and as much tea as you can drink will be on hand.

It’s expected that the film will be shown at festivals in the UK and abroad towards the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013.

Any interested folk should contact Andrew Griffin-

+44 7887 499776


Muchas gracias! (The film is not in Spanish!)

(Andrew Griffin)

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