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Airsoft Extreme Newsletter September 2008

by Arnie

image The new newsletter is out from Airsoft Extreme:

New Tokyo Marui AK74SU

The TM AK74SU has just been released and it has superb blowback action like the TM AK74MN. Extra magazines are available too, high capacity and standard capacity. Click image for more information.


NEW Tokyo Marui MEU Pistol

The TM MEU is a new 1911 pistol from Tokyo Marui and it is what everyone would expect from Marui, high quality. Click image for more information. Extra magazines are available too.


Marushin M36 Revolvers (2 inch and 3 inch models)

Marushin 8mm revolvers in two lengths. Cylinders swivel out to eject the brass shells which hold one BB per shell. Click on each image to see more information and to order.

image image

KJW Pistols in stock, CO2 powered!

Click on each image for more information. We have the magazines available in CO2 or standard Green Gas versions. This model also works with the Tokyo Marui Hicapa mags.

image image

Western Arms BlowBack M4’s!


Western Arms M4 Carbine, Western Arms M4 CQB R

Click images for more information (Airsoft Extreme)

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