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Custom MagPul and Slick Deals at GI

by Arnie

Airsoft GI have set a new record for constructing and selling their own AEGs and have started a new ‘Slick Deals’ Page:

True story: A couple months ago when we the first run of MagPul metal bodies began to hit the shelves the head technician got the idea to build a custom gun out of the different parts.  And thus the Airsoft GI MagPul Experiment M4 was born.  As the final screws were placed and the pictures taken for the website the tech placed his new creation in the custom gun case.  As he was walking away someone walked in the door, looked around for a bit, saw the MagPul Experiment and said he would take it without any further questions.

The gun was tested and sold literally within 3 minutes of it’s construction.  It had sold before our creator had even had the chance to fire it, it holds the record here for the fastest sale on a custom gun.  That was both very gratifying and sad at the same time.  Of course we were happy the gun sold, it’s what we do, if we stopped doing that I’d be out of a job.  However we too like to admire the guns that we build but cannot afford to buy for ourselves.  In an attempt to fill the void created that day we have built another MagPul custom AEG, take a look, it may not be here for long.

image image

Other news: Be sure to keep an eye on the ‘Slick Deals’ Page to stay up to date on the latest discounts exclusive to those who view that page.  New discounts are posted all the time, so if you’ve missed one that you can use just sit tight because it may come back around.  And remember, these Slick Deals are in addition to the FREE SHIPPING offer for orders over $100.00. Airsoft GI

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