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Airsoft International Volume 4 Issue 5 out now

by Arnie

image There’s a new issue of AI out:

Airsoft International Volume 4 Issue 5

I do believe that this is the best issue we have published to date. We have two new sections.

Gallery: Is yet another way along with our extremely popular Local Load out section for players to get involved with their favourite Airsoft Magazine?

Shop check: Is for all of you retailers out there. If you’ve got something to say about your business then Ai is the place to say it.

image image image

Our photography has improved and we’ve reached new production levels with this issue that no other Airsoft magazine can reach.


  • Ai is the only Airsoft publication to have would wide availability in         the news trade
  • Ai is the biggest selling Airsoft Publication in the English speaking world
  • Ai has the biggest subscriptions database in the English speaking world
  • Ai is the only monthly publication printed in the English speaking world
  • Ai is the only full time professionally published Airsoft publication in the English speaking world
  • No other Airsoft publication has done more for our industry in terms of publicity
  • Ai has the largest industry availability of any Airsoft publication

The Gallery is a place for Airsofters to send in their own pictures, we’ll make you famous.

12      Airsoft News
       Keep up to date with the latest developments from around the World
14      Incoming!
       Your letters answered
16      Hardware on Display
       King Arms Galil
20      Site Report I
       G-TAC:  The Gathering (Irish Airsoft at its best)
24      Gear Up
       So you wannabe SOG
30      Pistol
       Pistol Silencers – Do they work?
35      Site Report II
       South West War Games Operation Black Rain
40      Project
       Overhaul and upgrading a CA SLR
42      Tried and Tested
       We try before you buy
44      UKARA listing
46      You?ve got the Look
       Local Load outs
49      Hardware on Display
       Top Tech M4
52      Staff Shooters
       Weston Arms M4 GBB
56      Gear Zone
60      Our Finest Hour
       WWII Airsoft at its very best
63      French Letter
66      Good Gig Guide
68      Shop Check
       Airsoft Extreme

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Publishing Director
ebcon publishing
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Fax         +44 1622 683093
Mobile      07736 809241
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