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LCT Airsoft (Ryh Yeou) AMD-65: Exclusive Review!

by Marlowe

LCT Airsoft have kindly sent us a review sample of their first public released rifle: the soon to be released AMD-65 AEG. You can read my full comments on the rifle here (apologies – there’s a lot of them, and photographs to boot!), but here’s a sample:

I have to confess I was somewhat ambivalent when first asked by Ryh Yeou to review their new AMD-65, but once the rifle arrived, I have to say I quickly started to find myself developing a soft spot for the AKM’s ugly brother.

However, one thing which struck me about the rifle as I removed it from its packaging was how timeless in design it seemed, in the flash. Without the laminated wood which so dates its Soviet kin, the AMD-65 could easily be passed off to the unaware as a CQB variant of an AK, with the only hint at its past being its traditional ‘47’ style ribbed 7.62mm magazine and upper ribbed receiver cover.

Another strong impression was of the weight and solidity of the rifle. Ryh Yeou worked previously as a manufacturer operating on behalf of Inokatsu, and this association shows. Upon first impressions, there is very little to separate the rifle from an Inokatsu AMD-65, either in weight, quality of materials or finish. Unlike Inokatsu clone manufacturers such as Unicorn, the AMD-65 has a smooth and glossy finish to the receiver (in contrast to all other Inokatsu rifles I own, which have a matt and textured finish), with all components feeling solid and sturdy. All metal components appear to be solid steel (including the barrel and flash hider), with the plastic pistol grips both having a slightly rubberised, high quality feel to them. I was further impressed by the inclusion of what appear to be appropriate Hungarian trademarks on the receiver – no Izmash factory brands from a Russian AK, as you might find on a home-made alternative!

You can read my full comments on LCT Airsoft’s first major release here. Expect a review of their AK parts (such as their RPK receiver) soon!

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