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Flecktarn updates and online competition

by Arnie

Flecktarn have a heap of updates in including a competition:

Welcome to Flecktarn.co.uk

We supply the outdoor, film and defence industry with camouflage equipment and clothing. Our wide-ranging selection includes German, British, US, Danish, Canadian and a variety of other camouflage patterns to suit virtually any requirement and environment. We hope that you will enjoy browsing our online shop and find what you are looking for. We ship worldwide, including BFPO and APO. Our staff are all enthusiasts and we count ex-soldiers, hunters, shooters, airsofters and outdoorsmen in our team. With our experience, we can advise you on the best kit for the job, whether for professional or leisure use.

Name That Gun Competition…

There is a 50 GBP Store Credit Prize for the first correct answer drawn on the 30th of November. Check it out here!

Catalogue shopping

If you prefer to browse by catalogue, please contact sales@flecktarn.co.uk, or phone 08456 345196 during office hours with your name and address and we will send our latest one out to you, subject to availability.

Latest products listed below

Our latest products for 2008 are listed below, and these will be updated continually throughout the year. We hope that you will enjoy your visit and find what you are looking for.


we present: Flecktarn.co.uk – airsoft company!

Flecktarn.co.uk is preparing for the Autumn and Winter with a new selection of clothing and gear for the cooler weather.  Black and urban gear is the name of the game and we also have some excellent new products in British DPM to bring in. All new items can be seen by scrolling down at http://www.flecktarn.co.uk

We are pleased to introduce the new Kombat SAS Assault Smock in British DPM.  This professional grade jacket is fully kitted out for maximum load carriage all over the body so you can really concentrate your belt kit on ammo carrying capacity.  The jacket also has Cordura on the elbows where it counts for extra toughness. Plenty of bulgy pockets all round for carrying and organising utilities and a couple of zippered dump pockets as well so things don’t get lost.  This is the ideal jacket whether for military, airsoft, paintball or general outdoor use.  Great value at GBP 69.95, or just under the price of a standard issue smock.  Sizes are Small, Medium, Large and XLarge.

For Urban gaming enthusiasts, we now have a whole new line of Black MOLLE bases and pouches.  The bases are low profile and we have a wide selection of new black pouches and also our award winning Bulle MOLLE pouches in black to suit.  Here is a quick rundown of some of the pieces in the new selection.  Much more is available to view online.

Black Viper Assault Vest Platform   – GBP 55.00
Black Bulle MOLLE Plate Carrier with Cummerbund – GBP 49.50
Black Viper Modular Chest Harness   – GBP 35.00
Black Viper Belt Platform    – GBP 9.95
Black Bulle MOLLE C Type Magazine Pouch  – GBP 13.50
Black Bulle MOLLE B Type Magazine Pouch 5.56  – GBP 13.50
Black Bulle MOLLE B Type Magazine Pouch 7.62  – GBP 13.50
Black Bulle MOLLE D Type Magazine Pouch 5.56  – GBP 7.50
Black Bulle MOLLE D Type Magazine Pouch 7.62  – GBP 7.40
Black Bulle MOLLE Box Magazine Pouch   – GBP 17.50
Black Bulle MOLLE Admin Pouch    – GBP 10.00
Black Bulle MOLLE Frag Grenade Pouch   – GBP 7.50
Black Bulle MOLLE Rapid Dump Pouch   – GBP 17.50
Black Bulle MOLLE Foldale Dump Pouch   – GBP 13.50
Black Bulle MOLLE 40mm Grenade Pouch   – GBP 7.50
Black Bulle MOLLE Blank Firing Grenade Pouch  – GBP 7.50
Black Bulle MOLLE Ambidextrous Pistol Holster  – GBP 17.00
Black Viper MP5 Mag Pouch    – GBP 9.95
Black Viper P90 Mag Pouch    – GBP 8.50
Black Viper AK Double Mag Pouch   – GBP 12.50
Black Viper Tactical Bag    – GBP 49.50
Black Viper Patrol Bag     – GBP 49.50
Black Viper M16 Leg Pouch    – GBP 14.95
Black Viper MP5 Leg Pouch    – GBP 13.95

We have also introduced some more new utilities and accessories in British DPM following the high popularity of the existing selection:
British DPM A6 Notepad Holder    – GBP 6.95
British DPM Tactical Holster (Leg Mounted)  – GBP 15.00
British DPM US Style Canteen and Cup   – GBP 8.95
Webtex Warrior Cooking Unit    – GBP 18.95

Last, but not least, we have also brought in the Tricolour Trousers in 100% Ripstop Cotton in sizes Medium and Large.  These were previously out of stock.  Prices are GBP 18.00 per pair as before.

We hope you have a great Summer holiday and look forward to seeing you all in the coming weeks.

Kind regards,  Helika Matias (Flecktarn.co.uk ShippingTeam)

Unit 4a
Gregory’s Timber Yard
Lucas Green Road, West End, Surrey
GU24 9YB, Great Britain
Tel:  +44 08456 345196
Fax:  +44 08456 345193
Web:  http://www.flecktarn.co.uk

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