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Popular Airsoft / Announcements 26 Oct 2008

by Arnie

Popular Airsoft have sent out an update with news from them:


Dear friends,

We would like to send our apologies for getting the word out late. We will have a late release of the October 2008 issue due to some samples that we planned to review getting in the UK late as most are held up at UK Customs and a few of these were just released last 23 October. Even the AMP-DSR1 rifle which we intend to review is still held up at Customs for almost a month now. We’ll move some of our reviews for November but rest assured that the October 2008 issue will be released.

Our November 2008 issue is now in production as scheduled. We’ll keep you posted on the progress.


The Philippines will play host to the 1st World Airsoft Challenge, spearheaded by Popular Airsoft, in cooperation with US-based FilForce Airsoft Team, and Hammerheads from the Philippines. Dubbed RAPIER 01, the 1st international airsoft tournament will pit the best 8-man airsoft teams from different countries from North America, Asia, and Europe.

Rapier 01, slated for a 2009 commencement, will be held in conjunction with the 1ST KAMI WARS, an airsoft milsim event for airsofters around the world.

Interested tournament organisers and airsoft teams who want to send their representatives to these events can contact us. We are looking for airsoft tournaments to accredit giving them the right to send their winners to the World Airsoft Challenge.

1ST KAMI WARS is open to all interested airsoft groups worldwide. This will happen right after Rapier 01 so they can have the chance to watch the tournament and for tournament players to be able to join in the milsim event.

For further details, email events@popularairsoft.com. Major announcements regarding these events will be made in early 2009.

We have several publications that are now in the works apart from the Popular Airsoft Magazine and website and we have updated our Media kit for interested advertisers and businesses. There are new packages for advertisers to choose from. The kit contains adjusted rates, new ad specifications, our readership and stats.

So what are our upcoming publications apart from our established ones?
1. Global Airsoft Business Directory – this is a directory of airsoft, tactical gear, parts, and accessories manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Airsoft businesses can consult this directory to find out potential suppliers and business partners. Even those who want to go into the airsoft retail business will be able to use this. If your business is not listed in this directory, then you are not in the airsoft business.
2. Gun Digest 2009 – this a catalog of airsoft replicas released in 2008. Airsoft Manufacturers can submit their released items for inclusion in this digest for free. We have guidelines on how to submit your product for inclusion.
3. World Airsoft Registry 2009 – we are putting together an annual yearbook of active airsoft teams around the world. Airsoft teams can freely submit their team profiles by downloading the form here: http://www.popularairsoft.com/we-declare-war.

Interested parties can email us to request for the latest Popular Airsoft Media Kit and submission forms for the Global Airsoft Business Directory and Gun Digest 2009.

How do you feel about the economic crisis impacting on your business or playing habits? If you are an airsoft manufacturer, retailer, skirmish organiser, or player, are you experiencing a downturn in sales? Are your playing days lessened? Are you putting off purchases until things get better?

We would like to hear from you so we can gauge what is the general sentiment in the airsoft community. We can keep your identity confidential if you wish it to be.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Best regards,
The Popular Airsoft Team

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