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CRW updates

by Arnie

CRW have updated their website with some new products:

Hi, We have the new LR300 customs and other produces in stock. Thank you.

JG metal 6625 Kimber handguardACOG  doc1
LR300fold  CM036A EBR Kart mark

Update 24 Oct08

1)M4A1 Full Metal by AGM031

2)M4A1 RIS Full Metal by AGM032

3) M16A1 Full Metal by AGM033

3)M16A3 Full Metal by AGM034

4)AKM Full metal Real wood by CYMA (CM036A)

5)Full metal M4-CQB-R by A&K

6) Full metal SR-16 by A&K

7)AK47 rail system (Sam style)

8)G27 grip by Element

9) M1911 Kimber grip

10) M4 rail carrying handle

11) Offset front grip by Dboy

12)  Vltor style railed folding sight by Unicorn

13)DD rail 9.0 Dark earth for M4

14)EGLM Granade Launcher Tan by Star

15)Folding RIS grip

16)P90 top rail

17)Mini Granade launcher

18)Full metal LR-300 by A&K

19)Helmet Flashlight

20)ACOG 4X32+ Doctor sight Tan with marking

Regards, Eddie, (Director, CRW)

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