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Inokatsu M4A1 on preorder at RedWolf

by Arnie

RedWolf Airsoft are now taking pre-orders for the Inokatsu M4A1:

image Hi there! We’ve got the Inokatsu M4A1 Carbine in for PRE ORDER!

We’ve got our hands on the Inokatsu M4A1 Carbine Gas Blowback and it’s a belter of a gun! It bears a similar resemblance to the WA gas blowback platform in that it uses the WA-type mags (not included), but that is where the similarity ends. With a fully-licensed Colt metal body, this blowback-beauty features an all metal body unlike that of the WA (which has a lot of plastic parts due to restrictions in Japan) and they all look just like the real thing! Experts who have seen the gun say that parts such as the front sight and the markings on the receiver are almost indistinguishable from the real steel M4. Even the cocking lever has the same resistance when you pull back on it.

Everything about this gun screams quality and if you want an all metal M4 with gas blowback, then you should seriously consider one of these. It has a nice weight to it and the parts are incredibly tough and resilient. In fact, this gun can handle Red Gas, which gives a nice performance figure of 450+ fps. The piston is a solid steel piece and the blowback on this is as equally solid, feeling much stronger than the WA blowback. Rattle-off the rounds, emptying the mag and it will lock-back just like the real thing. Great attention has been paid to the details, for example, only when the gun is cocked does the safety lever go to safe mode. Other features include: extendible stock and removable RIS covers. (RedWolf Airsoft)

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