ECHO1 ES90 Released

by Shinden

As you know, ECHO1 already widely use MadBull Hop-up bucking as standard bucking.

ECHO1 will also adopt MadBull ES90 barrel extension to make ES90.
ES90 Outer barrel allow you to install longer inner barrel to enhance accuracy and shooting range.

ES90 Extension barrel will be sold separately around $25-30 USD.
ETA: End of November. Limited 500 pcs.

Option accessories:
(1) MadBull 363 / 400 Black Python Tight Bore Barrel
(Reviewed as the best in the industry: )

(2) MadBull NEW Gemtech P90 Dummy Silencer (Available in the end of this month.)

Subject is Copyright of SOCOM GEAR and MADBULL

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