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Pentagon Light at TacticalKit

by Arnie

These rather funky looking PentagonLight Molle torches are now available at Tactical Kit:

Pentagonlight Molle Light Description: Bringing back the anglehead design of the past for today’s MOLLE equipped gears, it fits through PALs webbing for secured hands-free attachment on MOLLE vests and compatible equipment.


imageThe top-positioned button enables operation without removing from the webbing. Rotate clip to the back for carrying in front of a pocket or other clippable surfaces. Rotate clip to the side for attaching to regular belts or duty belts. Its anglehead design provides personal illumination anywhere, anytime simply with a push of its top-positioned button. High efficiency LED provides up to 40 lumens of light output.

This shockproof light source has over 5,000 service hours, making bulb-changing a nusiance of the past. A green filter is included for altering the light beam color to green for use as a hunter safety light that is near invisible to some animals, and suitable for use by outdoorsman/campers without intruding wild life. The green filter produces minimal signature to night vision equipment as well. Filter can be stowed in the base of the light when not in use. For a limited time, all MOLLE Lights are shipped with the Compass Tail-Cap  that features a miniature magnetic compass.

Regards, Ian, (Tactical Kit)

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