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New videos & HK lawsuit update from Evike

by News Fairy

Evike have sent over two new videos and some news on the HK lawsuit:

Sneak peak RPG Prop

Propper promo short

clip_image002So there has been some rumors about H&K guns not being available anymore starting 2013.

It’s true.

According to the lawsuit upheld by H&K, all guns that are not licensed under Umarex will be discontinued starting 2013. Because of that, almost all H&K replica airsoft guns are on sale here:

These guns won’t be here for long as specials. They are selling fast. If you want to complete your collection and are missing a G36 or USP, you might want to get it now. I mean, heck, it’s on SALE!

This is not to say we won’t be seeing your favorite H&K styled guns anymore. As long as the licensing is present, it’s properly authorized.

The bright side of this is that; A)all our un-licensed H&K guns are on sale now and you have less than 30 days to get a hold of a great deal. B) All future H&K replicas will all have proper trademarks for those of you who love seeing trades on an airsoft gun.


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