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Forged Clothing – Gold Team shirt and new hoodie

by Arnie

image Forged Clothing have a new shirt out with profits going towards families of fallen servicemen, there’s also a new hoodie:

Gold Team100% of the proceeds go to 3 Navy SEAL families.


Earlier this year an East Coast SEAL Team lost three of it’s members during missions in Iraq.

We designed the Gold Team shirt in memory of our fallen brothers and we donate 100% of the profits from the sale of these shirts to the families of those three who gave all.

Nate Hardy, SEAL, 29, enlisted in the US Navy in 1997 and is survived by his wife, 7 month old son, parents and brother.

Mike Koch, SEAL, also 29, enlisted in 1998 and had a fiancée, parents, brother and sister.

Luis Souffront, EOD, 25, enlisted in the Navy in 2000 and is survived by his fiancée, mother and father.

Please remember these 3 heroes and their families during the holiday season. Forged Clothing Staff


"American Outlaw" Hoodie Available Now!

It’s getting cold outside! "American Outlaw" Hoodies Available.


With all the politically correctness and frivolous lawsuits going on in America now, where has the character of the old school, American bad-ass gone? From John Wayne to Jesse James, real men who ate their steaks bloody, drank their whiskey straight and shot their six shooters from the hip. Men who would be considered "outlaws" of polite society today.

Well here’s to you, the last of the real Americans: the "American Outlaw". Being cool never goes out of style.

Michael Sauers, Class 214, President/ CEO (Forged Clothing)

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