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Zed Adventures: Insurance & BFG’s- good news!

by News Fairy

Zed Adventures have some good news for BFG fans:

Bit of news for you, I’ve just posted this on our FB. As you may be aware, there has been issues with insurance and the use of BFG’s for some time now. The cover has not been that great or non existent in some cases and its all been a bit of a gray area when new devices come on the Market.  We have been working with our insurers (FML) along side SWAT and a few others with regards to VTG and other forms of blank firing grenade. These are now fully insured at The Mall and Battle Lakes and looking at confirmation for Thunder Ranch. This is fantastic news as our policies have now been underwritten by a AA grade insurer and should cover virtually ALL UK manufactured devices. A full list will be produced soon and will be updated as new devices hit the market and have been cleared for cover.


Regards, Lee Fields

(Zed Adventures)

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