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PTS debuts an Airsoft target shooting match at school

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PTS have launched an educational training program to improve public awareness with regards to airsoft safety in Hong Kong:

clip_image002PTS debuts an Airsoft Target Shooting Match at Secondary School, The Hong Kong Management Association K S LO College (HKMA K S LO College), after its systematic safety training program

Hong Kong, China (April 23, 2013) In order to improve public awareness regarding airsoft safety and shooting etiquette, PTS has recently launched an educational training program- Airsoft Target Shooting Training (A.T.S.T. )- at schools. The goal of this program is to explain the importance of airsoft safety, and to promote the ideology of marksmanship and shooting as a professional sport.


Thanks to the support from the Principal of HKMA K S LO College, Teddy C.K. Tang, PTS is honored and grateful to have had the opportunity to teach a four-part school training program. During this training, students were taught airsoft safety best practices, as well as a wide range of basic rules and marksmanship fundamentals. In addition, PTS held an Airsoft Target Shooting Match giving students an opportunity to put their recently acquired knowledge to the test and experience friendly competition. Students who demonstrated proficiency in safety, rules and basic marksmanship were awarded an official certificate from PTS.


“The PTS Airsoft Target Shooting Training program teaches students the importance of gun safety and helps them learn to be responsible. An airsoft gun is a tool which is not harmful by itself; the issue of safety depends upon the users’ attitude and behavior”, the Principal of HKMA K S LO College, Teddy C.K. Tang, said.


A.T.S.T. requires students to complete all the tasks with different types of airsoft gun systems, such as a handgun, carbine type rifle, and long range rifle. No matter which airsoft platform is employed, students must always be aware of the shooter’s safety responsibility (as it pertains to both the shooter as well as those in the immediate vicinity) and proper shooting etiquette. Students also learn critical life skills such as discipline, concentration and responsibility.

“PTS believes strongly in educating everyone – young and old – about the importance of gun safety. Airsoft provides a great forum with which to do this, in a sport that involves technique and physical training”, Sam Lam, Managing Director of PTS said. With the launch of A.T.S.T., PTS hopes to highlight the culture of professionalism, safety, responsibility and spirit of competition that airsoft embodies. In the future, PTS will continue organizing more A.T.S.T. programs and activities so as to transform the general public’s stereotypical airsoft stigma into a positive image.

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