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A-TACS FG & Multicam tarp/basha shelters @0241Tactical

by News Fairy

0241Tactical have sent over details of their camouflage tarps:

A-TACS FG & Multicam Tarp / Basha Shelters are made from a water repellant product nylon material that is breathable and is face treated with a durable water repellent finish. 100% USA Made material. Basha (referred to in the forces), British idiom for a shelter or a field-expedient improvised shelter. The Basha is normally built using poles, rope, and a poncho, but any tarp or natural cover will suffice. Basha is the same as the American pup tent, a Lean To, or the old shebang Shelter. Our A-TACS FG Tarp / Basha Shelter are 59" X 90" inches with eight (8) tie down points made from 1" webbing.

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Our A-TACS FG Tarp / Basha Shelters are made to order meaning we will build your order once it is received. We typically will have raw material available for immediate production but if we do not, we will order more raw materials and it will be no more than 10 days before your order is shipped. In any case we will email you keeping you informed on the status of your order.

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Please visit out store at www.0241Tactical.com or visit our eBay store at http://stores.ebay.com/0241Tactical


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