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SOCOMGEAR li-po head-to-head contest coming!

by Arnie

SOCOMGEAR are going to run some extended li-po battery tests and publish them. Here’s what they said:

image Dear Airsoft players,

You must know how to tell a AEG is good or not: Using a chronograph to get velocity or rate of fire immediately.

How about a Lipo batteries?

You can only “feel” the performance instead of “see” or “read” the value.

Many cheap China made Lipo batteries show you high Voltage, high mAh, and High C value at cheap price.

Are they telling you the truth?

This question bother us a lot.

Many customers complain our batteries are not the cheapest one in the market.

Even we tell them ours are certified by CE and are using the best Lipo cells in the market but customers can only “FEEL” it.

In order to let Airsoft players to “see” and “read” the value, we asked our engineer to build up a machine which can “compare” the performance of Lipo batteries by showing the value.

Several reviews will come out shortly and hope you guys will enjoy it. (SOCOMGEAR)

On this day..

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