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New products for MP9 KSC/KWA from FG-Airsoft

by News Fairy

FG-Airsoft have sent over details of two new products for the MP9 KSC/KWA:

We have just added to new products for KSC / KWA MP9 to our website:

CNC steel made parts n°24 (piston)
Reinforced nozzle‘s springs set

50087Ref 50087: CNC steel made parts n°24
This part solve the braking problem of the original one by using an harder material (steel made)

It also increase the bolt weight of 10%, that enhance the recoil power

– product page :

50091Ref 50091: Reinforced nozzle‘s springs set
Specially designed nozzle springs set:
-longer life time
-lower tension to reduce gas consumption and cool down effect

   – product page:


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