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PTS – Dynamic Action Sport (D.A.S.) Video

by orca

Dynamic Action Sport (D.A.S.) recently held its first official Hong Kong event. 12 four-man teams participated in a series of 3 unique shooting challenges that tested their individual skills and teamwork. Every second counted as some teams excelled at some stages and struggled with others. Ultimately, one team was victorious and took home the coveted D.A.S. Challenge Cup:

Video of DAS Competition

In this video, we showcase some of the 4 man teams that participated in the D.A.S. Fall 2013 Hong Kong Challenge:

Video of DAS 6 4-man teams


While PTS has long been known as an Airsoft Manufacturer, did you know we also distribute many tactical gear products within Asia? We are distributors for:

• Ares Gear

• High Speed Gear

• OTG / Off The Grid Concepts

• Ops-Core

• SKD Tac’s Patrol Incident Gear (PIG)

• Smith Optics and Smith Optics Elite

• Tactical Tailor

• Rainier Arms

We have our own pro-shop in Hong Kong, the PTS Steel Shop. So before buying the item, you can come by and check it out for yourself firsthand.

Video of PTS Products

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