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MadBadger Airsoft at IWA2014: Cybergun booth update

by News Fairy

MadBadger Airsoft have shared their first report from IWA over at Yosser’s Airsoft Odyssey:

Cybergun booth update

‘It was interesting to catch up again this week with the boys and girls at Cybergun. Cybergun has always suffered from a colourful reputation in the UK. Part of this reputation is due to issues with supply. We have discussed previously all the other issues that players have had with Cybergun products, and the fact that Cybergun has gone to great lengths to appropriately address these, thus, this article is written to update players on the present situation with supply and also how we have arrived at the position where you see very little of Cybergun in the UK market today.


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(MadBadger Airsoft)

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