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Extensive line of gearbox upgrades from Evolution Airsoft

by News Fairy

Evolution International S.r.l. have sent over details of some new custom parts they are adding to their range:


Evolution International S.r.l. are glad to announce the release of the new series of special custom parts that expands the Evolution Airsoft products range.

A choice of over 40 new components among those most required by customers expands the extensive Evolution Airsoft products range. In line with the prestige of the brand all the new products enriching the Evolution Airsoft catalogue are high quality products but with an intentionally low price-tag coherently with the brand’s philosophy that wants “products of exceptional quality affordable for all players”.

The new line of Evolution Airsoft special custom parts includes a new lightweight Gearbox, reinforced exactly where it is needed, special design Tappet Plates, 6 different types of reinforced-polymer Pistons, a brand new line of steel CNC machined Gears with a special low friction coating, Special wirings, high performance radial Ball Bearings, and several other hot items we invite you to see on our on-line business to business platform www.evolutioninternational.it .

For any enquiry and technical questions do not hesitate to contact us, we remain at your complete disposal.

The first production batch is of limited quantity, we therefore invite dealers and wholesalers interested in these new products to send their order as fast as possible in consideration with the exceptional favourable quality/price ratio.

Dealers and distributors enquiries welcome at sales@evolutioninterantional.it

General public enquiries welcome at info@evolution-airsoft.com

Evolution International S.r.l.

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