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August-September 2014 Gunman Innovations newsletter

by News Fairy

Here is all the latest news from Gunman Airsoft:

August 2014, Welcome to Gunman Airsoft News

Dear Arnies Airsoft news,

Hi all and welcome to the Aug – Sept 2014 GUNMAN INNOVATIONS newsletter for East Anglia and Hampshire.

We are so busy its mad, but key one is another awesome offer for the retuned MILSIM games at Norwich.  First weekend of every month, we will be running 2 day open weekend Milsim scenarios.  They are £25 for a day or £45 for the weekend.  If you pre book and pay via PayPal (sales@gunmanairsoft.co.uk) its only £20 for the day or £30 for the weekend.  BARGIN!!!  Please start on the pre-book, which side your booking on too.  Hours are 8.30am – 4.00pm each day.  This is NOT a run of the mill open skirmish, theres plenty of that already going on in Norwich, but a very high end Milsim experience.

Join the war guys.

For reports from the EPIC and AWESOME GI weekender, see here.
https://www.facebook.com/GunmanAirsoft on FB
and here on the forum http://www.gunmanforum.com/index.php?showtopic=12734&page=0

GI Airsoft is growing and we need new sites.
We are offering a £1000 reward for finding us a site that gets turned into a new GI venue.  We need to know the size of the site, what features it has and location.  A telephone number will also be really helpful.

ZOMBIES…..now we have got the rest of the year set in stone, we’re looking at running a couple of Survivor night.  Everyone will get a chance to play a survivor and be a Zombie and everyone taking part will be asked to make an effort with kit.  Tuddenham is earmarked for the first one, so keep your eyes peeled;)

The Voucher system will be coming to an end in April and the new loyalty card will start to come into use.  Every stamp = £5 discount and there is 6 stamps to a card.  Only one card can be used as a time, but you can trade it in the following weekend you have had it stamped.  You can’t get it stamped and use it on the same day.  These cards can also be used on GUNMAN and FILMSIM events too.

Site News and game days.
Details for Westwood Equestrian center can be found here.

Tuddenham news
Awesome is all that can be said.  Work is commencing on site to do a clear up and rebuild soon and should see some new CQB areas set up.

Norwich news
Continued repair work is going on at Norwich.  This is all community lead stuff and great work guys. Also we have had permission to put up some open-ended structures at the safe-zone and in the game area.  Just simple fence panel structures that will help to add to the experience of the site and keep you dry if the weather is poor.  Also, a new path into the game area is being made as the main track is now too wet for access.

Eversley news
Still pushing out 30-40 players a day with top quality Milsim scenarios.  It doesn’t get any better.

North West Sites
We have a new woodland to add to the massive Arsenal of Gunman Northwest, guys in the south…you need to visit the grim North and witness the burning beacon of Gunman;) 
These sites are ran by Porta (on the forum) and all the details can be found here:

Next Game Days coming up in 2014

Norwich MILSIM
Sept 6-7
Oct 4-5
Nov 1-2
£20 for the day
£30 for the weekend
Full shop on site.

Tuddenham Combat Missions – Limited ammo
Join us for a day or two at the one and only’ Tuddenham Aerodrome’.  Camping if free and you can turn up Friday night if you want to make a weekend of it.
Sept 13-14
Oct 11-12
Nov 8-9
£25 for the day
£40 for the weekend
Full shop on site.

Eversley Combat missions Advanced
Weekend Open days, Camping is free, so feel join us on the Sat night for beers round the camp fire.
Sept 20-21
Oct 18-19
Nov 15-16
£25.00 of one day
£40.00 for the weekend
Full shop on site.

Tuddenham End of Month Combat missions
Join us for a day or two at the one and only Tuddenham Aerodrome for the End of the Month Skirmish.  Camping if free and you can turn up Friday night if you want to make a weekend of it.
Sept 27-28
Oct 25-26
Nov 29-30
£25.00 of one day
£40.00 for the weekend
Full shop on site.

Northwest FILMSIM
Single day open day at the new Quarry site ‘The Badlands’ and the CQB ‘Pot Factory’
See here for details http://gunmanforum.com/index.php?showforum=230
£25 walk on    
£40 with gun hire special opening price.
Limited shop and hot food on site.

All Games.
Can guys please try to get on site for 8.30! Too get signed in and crono.  We are still getting guys turn up after 9.30 which is briefing time!!

Word from the front
Hi all, August is a hard month for Airsoft, but we have come out smelling of roses.  Thank you to all for your continued support and dedication to GI Airsoft.

Cheers all


GMA has a pay pal account:
Don’t forget to add the 3.4% charge on top or make it a gift.
Also we can now except credit/debit cards over the phone.
93 Glinton Road, Helpston, PE6 7DG
07854 277264
Email enquiries@gunmanairsoft.co.uk

Face book page https://www.facebook.com/GunmanAirsoft?ref=hl
Face book group https://www.facebook.com/groups/625344274186728/

Regards, Josh Smith (Gunman Airsoft)

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