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RA-Tech American Eagle tribute Abraham Lincoln edition

by News Fairy

RA-Tech’s new American Eagle tribute – Abraham Lincoln edition kit is available now:

RA-TECH Custom Work Trust Series — American Eagle Tribute — Abraham Lincoln Edition Kit
Now On Sale in very limited Qty!


End users can order the limited and handcrafted steel slide and outer barrel kit through RA-TECH authorized distributors and shops worldwide.  The American Eagle Tribute steel slide/barrel set includes the steel slide, steel outer barrel and RA-TECH patent two-piece extractor. To meet American style of high power, it is based on WE system characterized with high airflow and heavy recoil.  There are two types available “American Eagle Tribute G19 Steel” and “American Eagle Tribute G19 Stainless”, each with limited release of 50 pieces. It comes with the deep engraving serial numbers.

Also available in AST online shop: http://www.airsofttaiwan.com/shop/goods.php?id=1125

Pictures here, More Pictures


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