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AirsoftPRESS launches

by Arnie

Mike over at AirsoftPRESS has dropped me a line about their new Airsoft specific publishing company which is planning on producing a series of Airsoft titles. Listed as upcoming on their website is the "Practical A.E.G. Upgrade" which is an eBook and download you can buy for 19.50 USD:

Hi all,

Just wanna quickly introduce our company (an airsoft book publishing company) to you.

Airsoft has been well established in Asia for over 20 years, but only in recent years has there been much interest in the Western world. Most professional literature on Airsoft were written in Japanese, with very few translated works available.

AirsoftPRESS is the premier information source for airsoft technologies. It has the goal of putting all different kinds of airsoft technologies on the map of the Western world by publishing e-books that bring to light the knowledge of airsoft technology innovators

Members of the AirsoftPRESS editorial team are practicing engineers, technicians and field operators who have been with Airsoft since the era of the S.S. 9000 series and the gas-battery hybrid Cobra.

Because we are part of the industry, we know what information is really needed, and we make sure our books tell what people really need to know. We do not mind to say bad things about airsoft product that doesn’t work, and we will not hesitate to give you hacks and workarounds to difficult airsoft problems. Reading one of our books should be like having an airsoft professional by your side, passing on useful hints whenever you get stuck.

We currently have one title off the press, with a few more coming in late March. Please visit www.airsoftpress.com for further information.

Cheers! Mike (Editor, The AirsoftPRESS)

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