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Maintenance for SOCOMGEAR Barrett M107 GBB

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Socom Gear have some important information for owners of their Barrett M107 GBB:

We found some issues on the SOCOMGEAR BARRETT M107 GBB’s bullet brass.
If the rear part of the brass is loose, you have to tighten it again. If not, the brass will be broken after several shots.
We will provide the new designed brass to all the dealers at no cost as soon as possible.
MadBull / SOCOMGEAR stand behind our products & service with confidence!
Users can also check the easy maintenance sheet attached.
You can also check the following link to see how others modify their M107.

Maintenance for SOCOMGEAR Barrett M107 GBB

Background story

SOCOMGEAR Barrett M107 is designed by a famous Taiwan Airsoft engineer, Mr. Trender. He previously designed AK airsoft AEG, SOCOMGEAR M82 AEG, and Cheytec M200. Due to limited resources, we spent almost 3 years and around 200K USD R&D cost on this M107 GBB project. There are a lot of unique and revolutionary designs in this GBB. First, this is the biggest Gas Blow Back GBB in the world. It’s definitely not easy to cycle the big and heavy bolt. Second, No-firing pin and primer design. We all know some players try to convert Airsoft gun to be a lethal weapon. Our design is very unique. There is no firing pin and primer! (Patented) Third, the heavy recoil and great velocity. The unique bullet design can provide enough energy to both recoil and bullet velocity (8mm BB at 250 ft/sec. Around 1.5 joule.) (Patented)

Maintenance and possible technical issues

(1) _XagTCoBHApaHoAnsiQpciKuVyXcueJSxlB915021NXv-wI9rA7onOVbtzVtFcAqlvZ27u0WZj5ZlRXS9-U5nJML27L9DTO4b0tJNh47Gw=s0-d-e1-ftLoose and broken bullet brass:
If you find the rear part of brass (red color section in the graphic below) is coming off (threads), please tighten it again. We recommend you to check every shot. A little bit of blue Loctite will help. If the rear part is loose, you will break it after several shots. We found out this problem and will provide a reinforcement version to all the dealers at no cost.

IuXOoDaCQeDgg-P7REaRt3OoFTFA2gtWDpSFTfp_4nwopGsjJatbuUCXGOOBMZCI2wWibQ15vocjRBVID8gMi0Lw7c_GCUozo4pnYi3Arw=s0-d-e1-ft(2) Lubricate the gun before operation: 
We lubricate every single gun before we ship it out. However, the oil may dry out during the shipping. You have to lubricate your gun before operation. Here are some important parts need to be lubricated.

RHj5TD8GbCfT-pB_S_siq2P95jzV5uZEplUfIYrn_tEgzdxDLMMHdw1VyaPaKFn14Rh8ZStPuQ3nMPgfOvwEkT--QClAOiogdGLyGpqisQ=s0-d-e1-ft(3) Slamfire and Full auto shooting 
If you find out your gun slamfire or go full auto, please check the following parts. (A) The rod (red color section in the graphic below) is stuck in the barrel chamber. Please apply lubricant and press the rod several times to make sure the rod is function well.

(B) If step (A) didn’t improve the rod’s function, please loosen the 2 screws on the top. If these screws are too tight, it will cause small tolerance with great friction to the rod.


f4FOp8wvqr98pbGgCMANv8NSHOoGFpcBukC2FaI0hHHrvz9KQqF4GZRbWjx1my1aEYGIEVno3XLYzmgi9sDVMkskp9nzcGIVRKIqAx7igQ=s0-d-e1-ft(4) Hard time to install and uninstall magazine. 
The original design is tight-fit between the magazine and lower receiver. You have to add lubricant on the following 2 sections in the graphic and repeat the “install / uninstall” operation at least 30 times.

Also, you can check the article here

www.PaPaGoarms.com.tw is owned by an Airsoft custom shop in Taiwan. They are famous for Airsoft gun modification.


(Socom Gear)

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