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PTS Syndicate – Enhanced Pistol Shockplate – 1911 (3 pcs / pack)

by orca

PTS Shockplate-1911_05 Description:

The PTS Enhanced Pistol Shockplate – 1911 for Tokyo Marui airsoft pistols are specifically designed to reduce shock to the magazine if dropped thus prolonging the life of the magazine. The simple one-piece design made from TPU rubber consist of just the right hardness to absorb shock whilst being hard enough to avoid tearing if forced or pu¬¬lled.

The angled face of the shockplate aids the shooter in stabilizing their pistol level to the horizontal to shoot with greater accuracy from a fixed platform. The face of the shockplate also incorporates a recessed dot matrix so magazines can be marked accordingly if need be.


•Color – Black

•Dimension – 14 x 42 x 19 mm (without packaging)

•Weight – 15g (approx.)

•Compatible – Tokyo Marui MEU, Detonics .45, Desert Warrior, Night Warrior GBB Pistol

•Manufacturer – PTS

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