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Eversley Bush War pt1 – Land grab & more from Gunman

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Dear Arnies Airsoft news,

Despite a very wet weekend at the Tuddenham Hunger Games event, we had around 30 players attend over both days with some very enjoyable playing and a social on Saturday night – thanks to everyone who came along and braved the downpour.  The next Hunger Games is in Eversley next month – keep an eye out on Facebook and the forums.

We also managed to get some more work done on the Tuddenham safe zone – it’s starting to take shape now despite the best efforts of the local kids during the week – we intend to keep making further improvements to smarten the place up and make it easily identifiable from the road on game days.

Our next open weekend at Tuddenham is the end of month skirmish next weekend – there will be a BBQ social on Saturday evening, before playing a night game which will start at 8pm and go on until midnight, for some proper night action!

This weekend is Land Grab at Eversley – get yourselves down there for some South African themed hilarity and a great social event.

Although not essential, it is incredibly helpful if we have a rough idea of the number of players who will be attending our events.  As most of our events are planned in advance we like to tailor our scenarios to suit the size of the teams.  We can do this on the fly each day, but it helps us to provide better planned games if we know roughly how many we are catering for each day.  To help us with this, it would be greatly appreciated if players could either let us know on the forum event thread or Facebook event if they plan to attend.

Don’t forget to like our Facebook pages to stay informed about events coming up.


Josh Smith

EEversley Bush War Pt1 – Land Grab
Get on down to our excellent Hampshire site at Eversley for the first in a series of South African themed Bush War games with Government forces in dispute with thye local populace over a section of no-man’s land.

This is an open weekend with limited ammo and medic rules.

Tuddenham end of month Skirmish
With a BBQ social on Saturday evening, followed by a night game until midnight in addition to the usual weekend madness, it’s looking to be another awesome Tuddenham weekend.

(Gunman Airsoft)

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