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Airtronics: New NZ retailer

by Arnie

Well folks, I have to say that this piece of news should be an eye-catching one for you chaps out there resenting the lack of burst-fire on your aegs. A new store in New Zealand has been set up, specialising in the sale of 3 round burst-fire modules for your favourite Armalite:

Dave here, from ATC, the AirTronics Corp. We are a new company based in New Zealand, with the goal of making items that make airsoft more realistic. We have completed our first model for commercial release: The ATC-3B1, a 3-round burst module for AEG’s.The ATC-3B1 Fire Control System (ATC-3B1 or 3B1) is a small control unit that, when plugged into an AEG, converts fully automatic fire into burst fire. This gives greater realism to AEGs that otherwise lack the burst capabilities of their real steel counterparts.

The beauty of the ATC-3B1 is that the unit is completely seperate from the gun, and can be installed and removed very easily – simply plug it in as a connector between the battery and the AEG.

The ATC-3B1 is strong, easy to adjust, easy to install, very reliable, and makes games safer, more interesting and more realistic.

The 3B1 is ready for pre-order now, with limited numbers available. See www.Air-tronics.com for details and to get in on the first shipment! Dave (Air-tronics)

This is certainly an interesting one, so go check it out now! :)

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