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PenCott camo fabric clearance sale- plus new products

by News Fairy

Here is the first PenCott newsletter from Hyde Definition:

PenCott® camouflage newsletter.
Issue 1, Aug/Sept 2015.


Did you spot the person in the photo above?
Effective camouflage defeats the ability of an observer to detect or recognize the shape and form of the wearer – even a split-second reduction in detection or recognition can mean the difference between mission success or failure.
That’s why we call the PenCott® family –Mission Critical Camouflage.


F A C E B O O K, W E B S I T E, I N S T A G R A M

MMI Textiles and Hyde Definition are offering a special End-of-Summer-Sale on all in-stock, first-quality, PenCott® fabric rolls in order to help our valued customers get ready for their autumn and winter production runs.  The prices for PenCott® fabrics have never been lower, so stock up now while supplies last!

All PenCott® materials are printed to US military specification standards on US manufactured fabric.  All GreenZone™, BadLands™, SandStorm™, and SnowDrift™ patterns on a variety of fabrics are in stock and included in this sale*.

If you are interested in purchasing from this sale or have any questions, please contact MMI Textiles at 440.899.8050 or email info@mmitextiles.com.

* sale includes 70D ripstop nylon and uncoated 500D Cordura nylon fabrics, sale does not include digitally-printed mesh fabrics.



Thanks to our friends at MMI Textiles, and due to market demand, we are pleased to announce the addition of several new fabric types to the PenCott® camouflage range.

  • 70D ripstop nylon – with DWR finish and PU backing (currently only available in the GreenZone™ colorway) – perfect for rucksack covers, bashas and ground sheets, ponchos, hammocks, tent covers, or anything that requires a waterproof non-breathable fabric.
  • Thermal-signature-mitigating mesh – digitally printed (available as single-side or double-side printed in GreenZone™, BadLands™, SandStorm™, and SnowDrift™ colorways) – perfect for sniper hides, body veils, or anything else that requires a cover that reduces thermal signature to ambient levels.
  • 8 oz. polyester mesh – digitally printed (available as single-side or double-side printed in GreenZone™, BadLands™, SandStorm™, and SnowDrift™ colorways) – perfect for helmet covers, vest bodies, dive bags or anything else that requires a tough camouflaged mesh fabric.
  • 500D Cordura Nylon, uncoated – now available with DWR finish only (available in GreenZone™, BadLands™, SandStorm™, and SnowDrift™ colorways) – perfect for lamination projects, garment reinforcing panels, or anything else that requires a tough, breathable, water-repellant fabric.

dQOCkMrXRYDSY8T53w_KBiBYdt_lyrL0TOw3G9ZoH8kqpxilG17Jr7FHvXtSLOyvwBjNs8ESPMNhy2DF0CXbL62z3Kt3fWInf0DFPwRyLNYztq0PVlmYju4v8JPNOUEZhjeu81mbgPspyOAll of the above fabrics are available from MMI Textiles (the 70D ripstop nylon and uncoated 500D Cordura nylon fabrics are also included in the End-Of-Summer Sale).
Customers in Europe can also purchase genuine PenCott® camouflage fabrics and trims from Tacticaltrim in Germany.



We are proud to announce that Murdock Webbing’s jacquard woven webbing is now available in our GreenZone™ pattern (BadLands™ pattern will also be available soon).

CEySGdcdZr_I2_QxN1f-xpbb2vBcvfdFZMwoZ_c3ao8TRiOUHpih9JVbQzc4YKo0pXPpmDU8NULgFrJf5a8WzNHyJLXHHs07To8HTmC-Qpj9ASrqIEhrSxn5-IZylLI6mCWIVQsPgwdlmoMurdock Webbing’s jacquard woven camouflage webbing products use a combination of Berry Compliant materials and textile engineering to create a durable, double-sided webbing product at a competitive price.
The jacquard woven construction has proven to be very abrasion resistant in repeated laboratory tests. Even after 2000 abrasion cycles, patterns are still intact. In the field this translates directly to an end product that remains effective, in terms of camouflage concealment and functionality, for a very long period of time.
Murdock Webbing is also the exclusive narrow fabric company to offer Schoeller’s NanoSphere® technology. NanoSphere® repels water and dirt to create a self-cleaning finish and enhance durability.
GreenZone™ woven webbing is now in-stock and available through MMI Textiles,Tacticaltrim and Murdock Webbing.


Breaking news from our friends at TACWRK in Berlin, Germany!
Many well-known classics from the TASMANIAN TIGER product range, such as the Chest Rig, Mission Pack, Raid Pack, Tac Pouch 1, as well as Single and Double Mag Pouches will be available in PenCott-GreenZone™ from September 2015.


All TASMANIAN TIGER GreenZone products can be pre-ordered at TACWRK via shop@tacwrk.com
Further information can be found on the TACWRK blog.


Founded in 1993, SEALS Action Gear is now owned and operated by a team of veterans from the Canadian Forces and the British Special Forces, and has provided a wide selection of battle-proven and highly specialized tactical clothing and equipment to law-enforcement, military and security special operators. The company’s clothing and equipment has been proven under extreme field-usage in North America, the Middle East, South America, the Balkans, Africa and South-East Asia.


For the past several months, SEALS Action Gear has been prototyping and tweaking updates to several of their existing in-house designs, and producing them in our GreenZone™, BadLands™ and SnowDrift™ camouflage patterns.


Visit our Blog to read the full story, or go straight to SEALS Action Gear’s online shop to check product details, size options and prices.


Our Slovenian partner, UF PRO®, has announced their new Striker HT Pants – the ultimate combat pants for hot environments.  With the Striker HT’s special air flow system, state of the art knee protection, high-class fabric and component combinations and lots of other unique features, UF PRO® has yet again set the benchmark for modern high-performance tactical legwear.


UF PRO® Striker HT Combat Pants are currently available in our BadLands™ pattern, and will also soon be available in GreenZone™ too.
Visit UF PRO’s website for full details.


Serving the outdoor, hunting and military markets; Wisport proudly manufactures their range of backpacks, waist packs and messenger bags in Poland – but don’t worry they have dealers in other countries to, and their website is also in English as well as Polish.


Wisport have released several their best-selling backpack models in our GreenZone™ and BadLands™ camouflage patterns – and now with pattern matching woven webbing and Quiet Loop® also.


Check out Wisport’s website, or visit your nearest Wisport dealer, to see more.



GreenZone™ smock and trousers from Leo Koehler KG photographed in the field with an Austrian special forces sniper.


(Hyde Definition)

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