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New products from Abbey Supply

by News Fairy

Abbey Supply Company have sent over details of their latest new products:


READY FOR DESPATCH NOW – Abbey Anti Fog Cloth.
Use on a moist surface.
Breathing on a dry surface will activate the special anti-fogging formula.
The invisible film will give clear vision all day in all conditions.
Simply apply and forget, safe and easy to use.
Kept in its lock-seal bag will prolong the life of your cloth.

COMING OUT VERY SOON – Abbey Airsoft Cleaning Wipes.
Silicone impregnated cleaning wipes remove all dirt from barrels.
Removes residue from jammed BB’s.
Clean barrels shoot straighter, faster and more accurately.
Reduce jamming.
Simply fix to clean rod.
Gently push down barrel with a slight twisting motion.
Stop when you reach the hop up chamber.
Remove and insert in the other end of the barrel and repeat.
Clean until no dirt remains.     
Pk 10

(Abbey Supply Company)

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