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Gunman Airsoft newsletter week 40 2015

by News Fairy

Here is all the latest news from Gunman Airsoft:

Dear Arnies Airsoft news,

We had an awesome turnout for the end of month Skirmish at Tuddenham, thank you all so much guys, over 100 of you over the weekend!  Gameplay and sportsmanship was fantastic.

We managed to make some more improvements to the Tuddenham site as well this week.  A door has been fitted to the back of the safe zone building and most of the larger holes plugged back up to help make it a bit warmer for the winter.  The area where the old box fort stood before it got torched has been fully scraped up to remove all the nails etc.  Many of the buildings have been swept out and tidied up as well.

This weekend we have our first full day milsim at Norwich on Saturday – a full story based day in the field with limited ammo, medic/bandage based regens as well as meaningful objectives throughout the day, allowing the players to decide how the day pans out.

On the Sunday, we have an open skirmish event to cater for every level of airsofter, from the first timer to the seasoned veteran.
Next weekend we are back at Tuddenham for the mid-month milsim-lite, halfway between skirmish and milsim, this is a game everyone can enjoy.

We are also gearing up for a special night game at the end of month weekend at Tuddenham on Sat 24th Oct.  The game will start at 1900 sharp, so please be there early to ensure you are ready.  Fancy dress is heavily encouraged, the weirder the better!


Josh Smith

Norwich FULL MILSIM DAY Sat 3rd Oct

Somewhere in the former USSR…Present Day…  A small band of rebels are strengthening their numbers and preparing for an attack on a government outpost.  Intel is coming through that they may have acquired some kind of WMD and that this may be deployed in the imminent attack.

Will the rebels succeed in their first strike or will the government thwart their plans?  Only you can decide the outcome…

This is a full day of milsim in the field and is for disciplined players only.  There will be no lunch break and the safe zone will be out of bounds except for emergencies.  Ammo will be limited, bandages will be in use and roleplay is highly encouraged.

Please book in advance to secure your side – team identity will be strictly by camo type/colour with rebels being green/woodland/civvy  etc and government in tan/desert etc.  If you do not book in advance you will be expected to dress for whatever team you get assigned to on the day.

Walk on price £30
Advance price £25 secured by a £15 deposit

Norwich SKIRMISH Sun 4th Oct

Welcome to the second of our re-opening skirmish events at Norwich.  Special offer price of £15 walk on or £35 with rental equipment.

Come and try our awesome site near Stratton Strawless – 65 acres of woodland with thick undergrowth at the moment.  Plenty of features to the site and a great atmosphere.  All abilities are welcome, just come down and let us entertain you.

Halloween Night Game Saturday 24th Oct at Tuddenham

Yes we know it’s a week early, but the chainsaw gimp is out of the country on actual Halloween…

Prepare yourselves for a scary night of freaky weirdness and survivor style action as you take on the eerie building 5 and the rest of Tuddenham after dark.

As a survivor you will be trying to make it through the village in one piece, as a “freak” you will be trying to stop the survivors from surviving!

Game will start at 1900 sharp, so please arrive in plenty of time to ensure this can happen.  We will run up to about 2300 so expect to be up late.

Game is £15 for survivors and £10 for “freaks”.

To qualify as a freak you must be dressed like one and be prepared to spend most of the time without a gun or with very limited ammo.  You must also be able to role-play your freak.

(Gunman Airsoft)

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