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Echo1 @Airsoft Con 2015

by News Fairy

Here’s Brian from Echo1 demonstrating their new products at Airsoft Con 2015:

Live from the Airsoft Con 2015 Brian goes over the new products.
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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BRIANoECHO1
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Order direct from the Echo1 Parts Shop
Products covered in video:
Xtreme Timberwolf Black: http://buff.ly/1NJP5Fz
Xtreme Timberwolf Tan: http://buff.ly/1VUMcpP
Spectre RDP: http://buff.ly/1JntZ7Y
Spectre RDP Threaded Tip: http://buff.ly/1OxZWRE
GAT: http://buff.ly/1LSvJZm
Knights Sr16 (4 options): http://buff.ly/1MfhNb3
Zombat Stryker: http://buff.ly/1LSwcuy
Zombat CQC: http://buff.ly/1MfhPQi
Discount code to save on your order BUYANECHO1
$25.00 off orders equal or above $100.00

(Echo1 USA)

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