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Dragon Lamps now available at Ironfoot

by Arnie

Gmac from Ironfoot has been in touch to let everyone know of a new brand of tactical flash light (or taclight to me and you) which they have in stock:

(RED) Dragon Lamps a new make of Tactical Flash lights designed in Germany
available currently in two versions D1 & D2
Rugged ultra efficient 3 Watt LED and powerful 1.4a Xenon.
Powered by 2 x Lithium RCR or CR123A 3v Cells, 2.5 times more powerfully
than equivalent alkaline cells
Top Quality at an affordable price,
More models are planned as designs are tested and developed.
( RED) Dragon Lamps Dragons Lamps
Sole UK Stockist’s Ironfoot Industries Gmac (Ironfoot)

Unfortunately I’m still having issues uploading new images, so you’ll have to go with my word for now when I say that these things look like excellent pieces of kit. For more information visit any of the links provided above. :)

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