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A new Samurai Edge GBB for Marui

by News Fairy

Airsoft Samurai are eagerly anticipating the impending release of the new Samurai Edge from Marui:

A new Samurai Edge GBB for Marui


To mark the upcoming release of Resident Evil 0 Remaster on next-generation consoles and PC, Tokyo Marui once again teamed up with Capcom to release a Bio Hazard-themed pistol.

9fb520_d11563435bf54ee1b84a22a7e72d67fdAlthough the new Samurai Edge isn’t really new (Marui released a standard Samurai Edge more than 10 years ago), what’s interesting with this release is that the upcoming GBB will fully utilise Marui’s new M9 platform.

This new core, that’s already being put to good use with the USM9 and M9A1, will allow much better performances than the Samurai Edge of yore.

With a 15mm cylinder, a functional decocker and a weight equivalent to the real steel M9 (± 945 grams), the Samurai Edge ‘High Grade’ will shoot and cycle like a charm!

9fb520_da545aebac7642eb984d78cdec58daf6Planned for release on February 29th, this one is worth keeping an eye on. Meanwhile, we go back to our consoles and shoot hungry zombies in the face with our imposing Barry Burton.

As usual, limited series really do mean limited, and although Airsoft Samurai has secured a shipment, we cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to meet the demand. Shoot us an email to preorder right now so you can help Raccoon City get rid of those pesky undead cops and semi-alive janitors..

(Airsoft Samurai)

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