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Gunman Airsoft newsletter week 13 2016

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Here is all the latest news from Gunman Airsoft:

Dear Arnies Airsoft news,

The end of month skirmish was well supported, especially considering that it was Easter weekend and there was a massive storm. We had over 80 players across both days and once again the quality of play was outstanding. We are starting to get players camping over again now the weather is warming up a little so we will be trying to encourage a social atmosphere on the Saturday night. We will try and have a projector set up for April’s end of month and get a movie running (suggestions welcome).

This weekend we have some special activities going on at our Tuddenham site: we are asking for your help on Saturday as we have a build/clear up day, and we are running a special game on the Sunday aimed at gas and spring weapons. Anyone helping on the Saturday will be fed and watered, as well as getting to play for free on the Sunday. See below for more details.

The following weekend is our FilmSim open event at Tuddenham. We will be playing a Hunger Games event with three teams fighting over supplies which will be regularly inserted into the drop zone. Teams will have to secure different types of supplies and hold them at their HQ, the team with the minimum necessary supplies will survive, and the others will be doomed… Teams can raid the other teams’ HQs while keeping their own supplies secure – the balance of the game can tip at any point…


Josh Smith

Tuddenham Build/clear up day – Sat 2nd April

It’s time for a spring clean at our CQB site and we need your help. We have amassed a decent sized pile of materials to build some more cover with so we will be looking to construct various forms of cover in and around the buildings. The buildings themselves could do with a sweep out and the debris moving out of the ones that have had the internal walls kicked down. We will be looking to build internal dividers in these buildings to help bring the play value back to them.

Tea, coffee and bottled water will be provided all day, and hot dogs or noodles provided for lunch – please let us know if you plan to come and help out so we can get enough food in. If you are not a meat eater please get in touch so we can plan accordingly.

This is a great opportunity to influence how the site is shaped – on our last build day the players advised on where they felt that more cover was needed and built it accordingly. You guys as players are the best people to decide where new features will be most useful.

If you have any tools which may be of use, please bring them – broom, shovel, spade, saw, drill, wheelbarrow etc. All help is greatly appreciated – please don’t feel that you need to stay all day, even if you turn up, sweep out a building and leave that’s one building that wouldn’t have been swept taken care of.

We will be ready to rock from 0900 and will finish around 1700, so if you can drop down and offer some help at any point during the day we will love you long time…

Gas & Spring Special Event – Sun 3rd April at Tuddenham

This is the first in a series of special events to be held at our Tuddenham site. This event is open to any gas or spring powered gun within our normal site limits. Games will be reasonably short (around 30-45 minutes max) and will focus mainly around the buildings. The ruleset will be based on our FilmSim rules (see website for details), so reloading in the field will be restricted, bandage based medic rules will be used but the scenarios will be kept short to prevent stalemates.

The format will be that of a police or military training operation where player teams will take turns in tackling various CQB based scenarios where dynamic and decisive action will be encouraged. Players will take turns to play OpFor (the baddies) for whichever fireteam/section is executing its mission.

Walk on fee is £25 and loyalty vouchers will be accepted and issued.

We have a limited quantity of rental equipment available: a bolt action sniper rifle for £25, pump action shotguns for £10 (these babies are slam fireable and are way more fun than they have any right to be!) We also have some gas revolvers for hire at £10 each.
Rental guns must be booked and paid for in advance via the events calendar on our website as we have very limited numbers.

We will have a partial shop on site selling the usual consumables as well as a good range of WE gas blowback pistols, magazines and accessories. We are selling the shotguns at £35 each – if you rent one and decide you want to keep it, your rental fee will count towards the purchase price.

(Gunman Airsoft)

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