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New products at TheCombatStore

by Arnie

Alun at The Combat Store has dropped in some news form him about a couple of new items of gear in stock:

Multi Compartment Trauma/Ultility Pouch: A Web-tex version of the current issue medics trauma pouch.

Comprises: one large compartment which can be split into, two
double hinged smaller compartments, both with covers
and two side pouchs for pens, scissors etc.
Multi direction metal loops at top of pouch for attaching to front of webbing (ie, can take the place of an ammo pouch)

US Woodland BDU Shirt: Original issue Woodland Shirt featuring four pockets
with re-enforced elbows.

Due to this being an issue item there is a limited stock amount.

**note. This is a Grade 2 item, for details pleae see the ‘Bargain Deals’
home page. Alun, (The Combat Store)

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