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WE1911 Review, in conjunction with AirsoftWorld

by Marlowe

Ok, so as mentioned last week, Steve Madley over at AirsoftWorld (http://www.airsoftworld.net) has been kind enough to send me a WE 1911 to take a look at. They’re running a deal on this pistol at the moment that can be seen here.

My love affair with the 1911 stems from its real steel history and its prevalent use in far too many films to count.

Until recently, the only option for 1911’s has been to go with Western Arms, and my opinion on those is well known. For me, at least, dropping several hundred pounds on a pistol to get it full metal and skirmish worthy is not the best idea of fun.

The KSC 1911 was by all accounts somewhat flawed. The TM 1911 looks good, is accurate, but suffers from something of a design flaw of coupling single stack gas capacity with a double stack of ammo, which means that the gun can’t empty a full magazine with alarming regularity.

This left the WE 1911. IT’S ACE.

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