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New AATV Video out: MG34 and BAR reviewed!

by Arnie

Hey guys, sorry for the delay in posting any news, but things have been hellish in real life due to a new job at the moment.

First new piece of news: Gregor of AATV fame has been in touch to let everyone know that the latest AATV video is up, reviewing some kit which definitely has me interested, and which will promise mouth-watering for any WW2 kit fans:

Hey there,

I’d like to inform you, that AATV recently published a new video review: It’s the Asahi MG34 vs the JAC BAR. It’s 123mb big (hires quality) and 7:39 Minutes long. You can grab it in the review section of AATV



I’ve just watched the video, and it’s hilarious as always, as well as actually quite informative (especially if, like me, you’ve always wanted a MG34 but were unable to ever find anyone in real life with one to have a play with). Definitely worth the download – which shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes on a decent connection. So download it now! wink

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