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Black Owl Gear Tactical modular multi-threat plate carrier

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w0KrFdgTmn85SvFZq-B_3OHfEDH04UBwT72SMvBBfPBIgyHwBWGVWFWyUq6YrV6GwfkNAMc7a9jTC2vWArK7Zzxj7kojCVy_C3X7w0RU_dVrSmQ5zJ8uZqVQrnp42ZfYA1jXBlack Owl Gear Tactical have sent over details of their modular multi-threat plate carrier [MTPC] & components:

Mission Systems Gear
Multi-Threat Plate Carrier


The modular Multi-Threat System is designed to allow you to configure your loadout to your mission’s specific operational requirements, allowing for almost limitless customisation

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The elastic cummerbund allows the operator to adjust their plate carrier size quickly to accomodate operators of all shapes and sizes allowing for a comfortable, secure platform for your gear

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500D toughened industrial nylon construction makes the MTPC incredibly tough and durable. Ample MOLLE allows for customisation. Engineered for operators by operators.


Black Owl Gear Tactical™ Multi-Threat Plate Carrier

If you’re looking for the ultimate multi-purpose plate carrier that has it all then look no further than the Black Owl Gear Tactical™ Multi Threat-Level Plate Carrier.

Black Owl Gear Tactical™ has distilled decades of combat zone and manufacturing experience into every product we manufacture.

Featuring proprietary Black Owl Gear manufacturing and stitching techniques combined with only the best battle-tested materials available, the Multi-Threat Plate Carrier is the last plate carrier you’ll ever need.

The Black Owl Gear MTPC has been engineered to be as tough as you are and is designed for missions where your life depends on your gear.

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Compatible with a wide range of magazine pouches from Black Owl Gear Tactical™:

  • AR15
  • G36
  • M14
  • SR25
  • HK417
  • AK
  • SMGs
  • And more…

More Detail

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The Multi-Threat Level Plate Carrier is the ultimate multi-purpose modular plate carrier, allowing customisations to your loadout to suit any mission. Different types of utility pouches are available to suit almost any operational requirement. With a huge range of utility pouches to choose from including strobe pouch, radio pouch, medic pouch, admin pouch, and pop flare pouches you’re sure to find everything you need for your custom Black Owl Gear Tactical™ MTPC loadout.

More Detail


  • 500D Industrial Nylon Construction
  • Velcro molle panel on the chest to stick all kinds of patches or attach molle accessories
  • One size fits all due to the elastic cummerbund
  • Unlimited kinds of configuration with different upgrade components
  • Wide range of magazine pouches and accessory pouches available 
  • Available in Tan, Black, Range Green colors and AOR1, AOR2 and MultiCam patterns


  • Black
  • Ranger Green
  • Desert Tan
  • MultiCam
  • AOR1
  • AOR2

Black Owl Gear manufactures our products with a range of military-grade fabrics available in a range of colours and patterns. We are also able to facilitate custom requirements for OEM projects.

(Black Owl Gear Tactical)

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