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ASG fully licensed AI AW .308 gas sniper rifle

by News Fairy

ASG have shared details of their new fully licensed AI AW .308 gas sniper rifle:

Introducing our new Gas operated fully licensed AW .308 by Accuracy International.


The AI AW .308  Sportline sniper rifle is the perfect choice for those wanting to try their skills putting BBs down range and on target. With it’s easy bolt system due to the Gas operating mechanics the rifle is easy to cock. The gas operating system also offers the possibility to change the joule output, so that the rifle can be adjusted to accommodate different site rules regarding joule output.

With it’s 1/1 scale and realistic weight, the AI AW .308 delivers the most decisive experience for snipers. Combine the AI AW .308 with one of our Strike System scopes and bipod and you will be hitting targets like never before.

Adjustable shoulder support

Easy adjustable Hop-up

Metal lower and upper rail

Fully licensed by Accuracy International


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