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Precision barrels from Laylax for KRYTAC

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Krytac are now working with Laylax:

KRYTAC Partners with Laylax for Exclusive Distribution of
High Precision Barrels in USA

A new line of precision barrels tailor made for KRYTAC AEGs will be available in the United States exclusively through KRYTAC.

October 31, 2016 – Brea, California, USA – KRYTAC, the premium brand of airsoft and training replicas from world-renowned arms manufacturer KRISS USA, has entered into an agreement with Laylax for the exclusive distribution of Prometheus EG Precision Barrels for KRYTAC in the United States. These high precision barrels will be available for all KRYTAC AEG models and sold through the KRYTAC Pro Shop at www.krytac.com.

“We are excited and honored to work with Laylax and bring this new line of high performance barrels to US players,” states Allen Lau, Product Manager at KRYTAC. “The Prometheus EG barrel already has a longstanding reputation of excellence. When Laylax showed that they were able to improve upon the original design and match each barrel for KRYTAC, we knew there would be no better tight bore barrel to pair with our AEGs. Innovative, high quality, products are the hallmark of the KRYTAC brand. A sentiment that is shared by Laylax, and is shown masterfully through the Prometheus EG for KRYTAC barrels.”

“Performance upgrade components function best when installed in a quality base platform, and KRYTAC has the best performance, out of the box,” according to Masaki Koshida, Senior Licensing Manager at Laylax. “Creating a performance barrel specifically for KRYTAC AEGs has been a top priority at Laylax since we began our partnership with KRISS USA. Our goal is to compliment the already outstanding AEG platform with our top quality upgrade parts to further increase the advantage for KRYTAC owners on the playing field.”

Prometheus EG for KRYTAC barrels are precision machined from high carbon stainless steel, and are enhanced from the standard Prometheus EG barrel with an enlarged hop up window as well as channel cuts at the front for stabilization bushings, o-rings are included to fit into the channels. All Prometheus EG for KRYTAC barrels feature a 6.03mm bore.
Prometheus EG for KRYTAC precision barrels will be available directly through the KRYTAC Pro Shop starting December 2016, in the following lengths:

  • 135mm for the Alpha SDP
  • 155mm for the Trident MKI and MKII PDW
  • 280mm for the Alpha CRB, Trident MKI and MKII CRB, and Trident LMG Enhanced
  • 387.5mm for the LVOA-C
  • 416mm for the Trident MKI and MKII SPR

For more information about KRYTAC, please visit www.krytac.com. For more information about Laylax, please visit www.laylax.com.


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