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Foxfury combination ballistic shield light

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imageLighting company FoxFury have announced a new shield light:

FoxFury Announces New Combination Ballistic Shield Light

Oceanside, CA, March 31, 2017

FoxFury Lighting Solutions announces its new Taker B10 Shield Light for use by SWAT, special operations and other first responders. The powerful, strobe-capable Taker B10 can be mounted to the top or side of most ballistic shields. It can also be removed from its adaptor and used as a flashlight if/when needed.

FoxFury has been an industry leader in shield lighting since 2005. Its shield lights are trusted by operators around the world to help law enforcement and military gain an upper hand in dangerous situations.

The Taker B10 is a new concept shield light. It’s a flashlight that can be clipped to the top or side of tactical and entry shields via a Picatinny C-Clamp. The light can be tilted 30 degrees in either direction to illuminate the subject. Placing multiple B10 lights in different places and at different angles on a shield can be an offensive tactic to help confuse a perpetrator.
The light can quickly be removed from the picatinny c-clamp and used as a handheld flashlight. It provides 380 lumens of light and runs on 2 CR123 batteries or 1 rechargeable 18650 battery. The light is equipped with 4 modes: Momentary, Continuous High, Continuous Low and Turbo-Strobe(TM). The Turbo-Strobe(TM) is a varying frequency strobe that disorients a suspect, which provides an officer with a tactical advantage.

"The Taker B10 shield light is a nonlethal tool that can help keep officers and the public safe. It’s simple, versatile and requires no drilling to mount to the shield," said Mario Cugini, CEO of FoxFury Lighting Solutions.

FoxFury is accepting preorders for the Taker B10. It debuted at SHOT Show in Las Vegas.


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