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Gunman Airsoft newsletter week 14 2017

by News Fairy

Here is all the latest news from Gunman Airsoft:

Dear Arnies Airsoft news,

We had another great weekend’s airsofting; the WWII open day at Eversley was well supported and the long afternoon game at Norwich was a firm favourite.  The plan for next month at Norwich is to have the 4×4 with GPMG in use as well.

This weekend we are at Tuddenham for another awesome FilmSim game.  We’ve had a lot of rentals booked for this weekend, so if you or anyone you know will need a rental gun, please make sure that they book in advance on the website to avoid disappointment.

The next game after that will be at Eversley on 22nd & 23rd and will be a FilmSim special Easter episode!  See the Facebook event page for details…

If you’re interested in something a little different, why not have a look at our WWI experience at the end of May?  We have plenty of uniforms available for loan, and several bolt action rifles for rental.  This is not Battlefield 1, so there won’t be loads of full auto weapons fielded – bolt action rifles, shotguns and melee weapons will be the main armaments.  The game is taking place at the awesome MAW site (Midlands Action Wargames), bookings via the event page on our website http://www.gunmanairsoft.co.uk/event/wwi-raging-empires-part-2-flames-of-war/


Josh Smith


If you are waiting for UKARA memberships or renewals, please bear with us as the UKARA database system is currently offline meaning we are unable to process anything on it.  Any UKARA retailer will be aware of this – if you need a retailer to call us to confirm your exemption status, could you please get in touch with us first as we both have terrible memories when put on the spot.Article content

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