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Highlander Portable Gas Stove Review

by Arnie

Click here to visit Highlander Hey guys and gals, just a quick update to let you know that the latest of several products kindly supplied for review by Gordon of Highlander. is up for review. This time it’s the turn of their Portable Gas Stove, a flatbed gas stove designed for use at the campsite for those times early in the morning or late at night when you need a cup of something warm and dark… wink

Click here to visit Highlander ‘Who’s Highlander?’ you may ask. Well, the chances are that if you’ve been to your local camping store, you may have seen quite a lot of their kit without realising it.

Highlander are a manufacturer / wholesaler who supply a considerable number of the UK’s camping and hiking stores, and who are now keen to support the airsofting community as well – something I’m sure every airsofter will more than welcome.

This is the fourth of several reviews you can expect to see coming of Highlander camping, skirmishing and hiking equipment over the next month or so, so remember to keep tuned.

Once again for those who missed it, the first review can be found here. smile

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