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RedWolf Airsoft – Still going gas crazy!

by Moocow

RedWolf have a few things to share with everybody and firstly I’d like to introduce the Novak licenced neXt pistol, it’s officially licensed by Novak with authentic markings on the slide and frame whilst keeping the costs below some of the other officially licensed products.

This pistol has already been reviewed at RedWolf and if you would like to find out more about this please follow this link to the review

Next up, Airsoft Surgeon’s power booster kit is still available, it’s been selling pretty well and if you want to have your GBB M4 fire harder and at a more consistent fps, this is the kit you’ll need to make this happen.  At a fraction of a cost to complete bolt upgrades or hammer/spring kits without modifying anything else.  This kit is able to allow your shots to come out harder, more consistent as well as keeping your gas efficiency very similar to what it was before!

RedWolf have received quite a few emails lately regarding the installation of this product and they will have a video and up on youtube in the next few days showing you how to install this.
In the mean time, why not visit their youtube channel and see what other videos that might interest you?

Finally, they have also recently uploaded a video tutorial on youtube about the Madbull PS02 powdershot grenade.  Shinji shows you how to set the fuse timing accurately the quickest and easiest way along with showing you what you need to do when doing your regular maintenance on this grenade.
This grenade is available in black, blue and green.  Available in a variety of colors as well as it being one of the most affordable gas powered noise grenades on the market along with its extremely sturdy construction, what can go wrong with this?

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