Gunfire M4A1 reviewed

by Marlowe

1249299926 ChrissyG on the forums has been kind (and lucky!) enough to be given one of Gunfire’s new range of rifles to review.

You’ll have to read the full review for all of the details, but here’s an extract:

Photo0105Recently, a package arrived at my door containing a new gun which I am reviewing on behalf of Gunfire in Poland ( The package was to contain a brand new M4-A1 clone which retails for the price of 195.83 Euros (around £177). As with every time any of us recieve a new gun, I tore open the box to find a brow plain cardboard box with some "Gunfire" advertising on it and lifted the lid…

ChrissyG (Arniesairsoft)

All in all the rifle looks quite promising, with the inclusion of a mosfet as standard quite a selling feature given the increasing popularity of them in all high-performance AEGs.

To read the review in full click here. Alternatively, feel free to go shopping at Gunfire’s website at

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