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AW Custom NE10 series pistol

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AW Custom have shared details of their NE10 series pistol:

AW Custom™ NE10 Series


Compact Configuration
1911 pistol is still one of the most famous and popular pistol after a century past. The pistol compactness is the trend nowadays and hence the AW Custom™ NE10 Series Pistol in front of you.

Ported & Vented
AW Custom™ NE10 Series Pistol comes with unique ported slide and stylish vented barrel to make up of its iconic design. The ported design also benefits faster blowback cycling from recoil action.

Ergonomic Pistol Grip
AW Custom™ knows about what our customers need and we designed the rubberized pistol grip with finger grooves for shooters to achieve a firmer grip on the pistol and quicker reloading action.


AW Custom™ NE1001 & NE1002 Pistol

It’s already a century. 1911 Pistol is still one of the most famous and popular pistol model on earth. It’s semi-automatic mechanism is a ground-breaking innovation in the past and influenced many firearm designs in modern days.

AW Custom™ NE10 Series Pistol is a brand new series in 1911 Style Pistol. The ported slide, the vented barrel and the redesigned compact lower frame will give NE10 Series Pistol a unique and yet innovative appearance among the market.
Nowadays, "Compactness" is a huge trend for gun lovers since smaller pistol can be controlled, handled and carried easily in daily life. Hence, AW Custom™ NE10 Series Pistol is now in front of you.

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Size doesn’t really matter. Compact configuration is a style without compensating anything from its original mechanism. AW Custom™ Tech Team ensures the NE10 Series Pistol will operate as good as our other NE Series Pistols.


uZHtTJRjqDBhiToyryiB7bSKIT8Zm2PjN_t6KSWxnvc6FbnBPae3c5PWhbXzaGoYRqv6Ygbz1sZueB6M7w=s0-d-e1-ftPorted & Vented Design

AW Custom™ NE10 Series Pistol comes with ported slide and vented barrel can be identified to be its iconic design. The ported slide design will also results in faster blowback cycling from its recoil action.


H89KYpc7-vc3gadC8vreh1ZHfzMAD0v9z-Ad6toA1KK7j0tctG1WpixIQ7MqiQjFaA0q4ec9gYvPK5ELBA=s0-d-e1-ftDesigned Ergonomically

AW Custom™ Tech Team designed a brand new rubberized pistol grip only for NE10 Series Pistol. The textured surface and the finger grooves can let shooters achieving a firmer grip on the pistol and faster magazine reloading action.


tLugRVNG8smtL4Jl62SPfYuI4rqZbVRXLWo5JX0ntgboGOz6RXrcYZuXHgPxpakGV1-i_7ln_V6r1pV_LA=s0-d-e1-ftNot Only The Pistol

Not only the slide and frame are redesigned. The NE10 Series Pistol Magazine will also become shorter in size to fit into the compact lower frame. However, the capacity of the magazine will decrease from 15 to 13 BBs.



  • Material: Metal Alloy
  • Muzzle Velocity: ~300FPS


  • 1 x NE10 Series Pistol
  • 1 x NEMG07 Gas Magazine


  • Compact configuration 1911 style pistol

  • Easy to control and convenient to carry

  • Ported slide and vented barrel for faster and stronger recoil action

  • Realistic mock firing pin mechanism

  • Textured ergonomic rubber pistol grips

  • Shorter magazine mechanism to fit the newly designed compact lower frame

(AW Custom)

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